12 Best Gaming Chairs Under 300 USD [May 2021 Updated]

Whatever product you want to purchase we all want the best. This also goes for the purchase of gaming chairs. We never want a gaming chair which is causing pain or having weak spare parts. So, It’s better to find a good gaming chair and invest once and for all. $300 is a good price for finding a suitable gaming chair with high quality of materials and gadgets. So here we have researched and created the list of top 11 gaming chairs under 300 segment.

The above-given price is affordable for good gaming chairs if you will shop wisely. Yes, in some area you might have to compromise but it’s all about the best selection always. Here are a few features you should watch out when you are searching for gaming chairs under $300.

1. Backrest Recliner(Deep).

2. Adjustable armrests(must be in 4D).

3. Seat angle tilt-lock.

Why a Gaming Chair rather than a Normal Chair? 

Well, the answer is very clear, if you will keep staying 4-5 hours on office chairs you will feel pain, aches at any part of the body and if you will continue to practice it, you might get serious problem in later age even causing surgery.

So it’s better to start early and choose a good gaming chair with a good range because it has been designed according to your sitting and body postures. It will support your body points where it will need most and all these requirements will be fulfilled when you are spending $300 for a gaming chair. But Choose it Wisely.

One more advantage of it is that you will never feel numbness in your body because there are many massage functions comes installed in these chairs. Also, it comes with accessories like a speaker, AUX, USB etc.

Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

Many Expensive Gaming Chairs comes in the Budget Segment of $300 to $550. They Provide super-premium padding, armrest and upholstery for extra comfort. See People always pay more for extra comfort, the same is the reason for these expensive gaming chairs. Basically, it doesn’t matter how long you sit on a chair, you don’t need to worry about the posture and other back problems. Moreover, Your Body will gain extra energy to focus on your task with your chair handling support.

But Yes, You don’t need to spend more than $300, Even all these Features comes in this Budget Segment too which you will realise it when you will get check our research list below.

There are many gaming chairs which will come under $300 but there still, if your budget is less than it you can go with chairs under $200. So why should you trust us? This is because we have searched around 60-65 gaming chairs. And from all these, we have come out with the best gaming chairs which come under 300 Bucks. So let’s not wait further and see what we have in this range along with reviews and buyer’s guide.

Compare Yourself Top Gaming Chairs Under 300 USD

E-Sports Swivel Chair E-Sports Swivel Chair AutoFull Gaming Chair
  • Rating:5 Out Of 5
Check On Amazon
Adjustable Backrest & Retractable Footrest Adjustable Backrest & Retractable Footrest Goplus Massage Gaming Chair
  • Rating:4.2 Out Of 5
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Lumbar Support Lumbar Support Musso Contoured Gaming Chair
  • Rating:4.2 Out Of 5
Check On Amazon
Headrest Pillow and Lumbar Cushion Headrest Pillow and Lumbar Cushion MSI MAG CH110 Gaming Chair
  • Rating:4 Out Of 5
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Rocker and Seat Height Adjustment Rocker and Seat Height Adjustment AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair
  • Rating:4.5 Out Of 5
Check On Amazon
  • Rating:4.2 Out Of 5
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Steel Seat and Back frame Steel Seat and Back frame CORSAIR CF-9010011 WW T1 Gaming Chair
  • Rating:3.7 Out Of 5
Check On Amazon
Tough metal frame Tough metal frame Arozzi Inizio Ergonomic Fabric Gaming Chair
  • Rating:4.3 Out Of 5
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Aluminum Alloy Armrest Racing Aluminum Alloy Armrest Racing Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair
  • Rating:4.2 Out Of 5
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  • Rating:4.7 Out Of 5
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12 Best Gaming Chairs Under $300 2021 Reviews

AutoFull Gaming Chair Video Game Chairs Mesh Ergonomic

Autofull Gaming Chair Key Features

best gaming chair under 300$

Goplus Massage Gaming Chair With Light Key Features

Musso Contoured Gaming Chair– Adults Racing Computer 

Musso Contoured Gaming Chair Key Features

MSI MAG CH110 Gaming Chair Ergonomic Chair Key Features

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair with Wide Seat

AK Racing Core Series EX Key Features

NEO CHAIR – RAP Gaming Chair Super  

NEO Chair Key Features

CORSAIR CF9010011WW T1 Gaming Chair Racing Design

CORSAIR CF9010011 Key Features

Arozzi Inizio Ergonomic– Fabric Gaming Chair

Arozzi Inizio Ergonomic Key Features

gaming chair under $300

Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair Key Features

Turismo Racing 2020 Series Blue LED Key Features

Musso Fabric Gaming Chair – Wide Seat Heavy Duty Racing Chair

Musso Fabric Gaming Chair Key Features

Dowinx Gaming Office Chair PC Chair – Massage Lumbar Support Racing Style PU Leather

Dowinx Gaming Office Chair PC Chair Key Features

Buyers Guide to choose the Best Gaming Chair Under 300 USD

Till now I’m sure you have come across our list of top 11 gaming chairs under $300 of 2021, so which one you have chosen? Well, whichever you chose you to need to find their functions and there quality of materials along with there strength.

1. Design:- Gaming chairs come in thousands of colors, style and sizes. Some of them have a classic look while others give out a sporty look. There are various varieties of life, such as bean bag gaming chairs, racing style chairs, reclining chairs, and so on. The models have different styles and designs accordingly. The best gaming chairs support swivelling mechanism, woven mesh back, sturdy frame, adjustable armrests, neck support, or mesh backing for form-fitting back support. The gamer chooses the one that fits their room decor and comfort level. 

2. Material:- Matching regular chairs gaming chairs also are made from different materials like leather, mesh, fabric, cloth, vinyl, polyurethane. The choice remains in your hand. Leather chairs are easy to clean and resists stains. If seating is your major problem, then you got to choose the fabric chairs. Mesh chairs are breathable plus prevents sweating. Vinyl is cheap and lasts long. You can access your options and have an informed decision rather than an impulsive one.

3.Comfort:- The next most important feature is comfort. Comfort helps with lengthy gaming sessions. Comfort is essential for people having issues with their lower back and poor posture. Ideally, a gamer looks for a model that supports headrest, large seating surface, three or five-point tilt, and metal spine support and has ergonomic features. The swivel movement chairs are the best option as they resist stiff joints and muscles.

4. Technical Features:- You have to decide what you need from your gaming chair. Do you look forward to the one that has wireless capabilities, vibration mechanisms, built-in steering wheel, great sound? All the latest models possess, advanced features like volume and bass controls, pedal peripherals, three-zone vibration, subwoofer, headphone jack. To make the best choice, you need to consider all the elements and not solely base your decision on the price of the best gaming chairs under $300.

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FAQ's About the Gaming Chairs

As a Buyer, There are various questions that may arise in your mind. So This section has been created just to help you out to answer your questions.

How much should you pay for a gaming chair?

The cost of gaming chair depends on the features which you want and also the material quality too. but yes, the Average cost of the gaming chairs cost around $200 to $400.But Some premium chairs also costs more than $500 which have some massaging features.

What is the most comfortable chair for gaming?

If we talk about the Best & Ergonomic Gaming Chair, Then I would straightaway recommend you to go with Secret Lab Titan Series Gaming Chair.

How long do gaming chairs last?

If you opt for the best quality Gaming chair, then Your Gaming Chair may last up to 5 Years but still depends on different factors.

Do Gaming chairs break easily?

The Base of the gaming chair may break anytime if overweight sits on it. You must check the maximum capacity of the weight it can hold.

Are gaming chairs a waste of money?

We believe that the Gaming Chair is not a waste of money because if you spend more than four hours playing games every day, it can have a terrible effect on your back. Gaming Chair has lumbar support which helps to keep your back healthy. Helps, even if you spend tens of hours playing games every week.


What should be the affordable price for a gaming chair? The question is itself an objectionable. It totally depends upon the nature of the material you are looking for along with its feasibility. You go higher up into price range the number of functionality will increase. But there is a catch here do we always get the quality at the price what we pay for? Most of the time because of our lacks of research we see some thing that is better quality of material in less prices.

The “best” have pricey pro features, but cost less than $300. At present, there are four models that meet these criteria. The listed models from Op seat, Killeen and E-Win present excellent value for money. They are comfortable, adjustable, and durable enough to support years of full-time sitting.

So, Trust me The List given above is one of the Best Gaming Chairs which comes under 300 Bucks. So Go for it. Happy Premium Gaming.

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