Gaming Chair Size Guide: How Big Chair You Need?

You might be thinking that choosing the right size chair can be easy and you don’t need some gaming chair size guide to help you pick your favorite gaming chair but maybe you are right.

But, if you happen to be wrong and you choose the wrong gaming chair size for you, then you will be regretting it for years because it can cause back pain and incorrect body posture. Along with that you will also be out of a lot of money which you will spend in buying chair. 

It’s essential that you understand the difference between the models of chair and choose the one that is best suited according to your physical body type and height.

If you follow this gaming chair size guide, you are more likely to find the perfect gaming chair size for yourself. Not only will you be able to game in comfort, but your back and knees will also thank you for years to come.

The most comfortable gaming chairs will promote better posture so that you don’t get that “gamer crook” in your spine when you actually go out into the real world.

You will feel a lot better if you choose the right size gaming chair than if you just pick one that looks the coolest. So, let’s get in the gaming chair size guide.

One of the most important factors in choosing the best gaming chair is taking the body type into account. Height, weight, and how someone is built varies greatly from person to person. The gaming chairs must be selected according to the individual body measurements. It is like buying a shoe, it needs to fit properly, otherwise, you won’t be comfy in it. So if you are 5 feet 5, you gonna get lost in a chair that is built for someone who is 6 foot 3 and weighs 300 pounds.

Taking into account body size and weight when choosing the best gaming chair naturally affects also a whole range of design features. Gaming chairs for big and tall need to be build much stronger and more larger than chairs build for petite people.

A gaming chair base made of nylon plastic may be sufficient for lightweight gamers, while the base of a chair for big and tall people should be made of metal. The inner frame must be of extra heavy gauge steel so that it can withstand the extra stress when the game turns into a heated battle.

The thickness of the cushioning and the upholstery should also not be neglected. High-quality gaming chairs have high-density foam padding, which enables a comfortable sitting while evenly distributing the pressure on the buttocks and back without sinking into them. The weight of the seated person must also be taken into account here.

The different designs which are necessary to do justice to the different body sizes are of course reflected in the price. An ergonomic gaming chair meant for occupants of low weight and a petite physique is manufactured at a much lower cost than chairs designed for big and tall esports enthusiasts.

You should also make sure that the Gaming chair and its individual components are safety-tested and certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This ensures that you only purchase quality goods that meet the safety requirements for consumer products.

Specific Factors That Needs To Consider

Determining The Optimal Seat Width

Determining The Optimal gaming chairs Width Gaming Chair Size Guide

Your gaming chair seat should be approximately 2” wider than you are. Measure the width of your hips from one to the other and add 2 to 4 inches depending on how much wiggle room you want. If you want the best gaming chair with armrests, you might want to add the whole 4 inches as they might give you more seat space.

Determining The Optimal Seat Depth

The goal with seat depth is to choose a gaming chair that allows you to sit with your back against the backrest while still leaving between 2 and 4 inches of space between your legs and the edge of the seat.

You can determine the perfect seat depth by sitting down and measuring from where your back meets the seats to the back of your knees and subtracting 2-4 inches.

Determining The Optimal Backrest Height

Your backrest should be at a minimum reach and support your lumbar spine. Lower backrests are better for tasks that require you to have more upper-body mobility. However, if you plan on reclining a lot, you’ll want to choose a chair that reaches your upper back or neck.

Determining The Optimal Backrest Width

If you prefer a narrow backrest, you should choose a gaming chair with backrest dimensions approximately the same as the width of your waist. If you prefer more wiggle and wider backrest, add a few extra inches to the width of your waist.

FAQ's About Gaming Chair Size

How big should your gaming chair be?

If your torso is long, then you should buy a long backrest gaming chair that is at least 30 inches long because gaming chairs are classically longer than your average office chair, which makes them better to support your neck and shoulders. 

Are gaming chairs too narrow?

You do not want your feet to be against the bolt or they will be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, most gaming chair seats are quite narrow, so it becomes unavoidable unless you have a very slim build.

Can a gaming chair be too big?

This is not necessarily the case because small users on a very large chair will miss the necessary ergonomic benefits. This negates the point of a gaming chair, which is to support a healthy seating posture. A small body in a large gaming chair will lose the back support benefits provided by gaming chairs.

Do weight limits on gaming chairs matter?

Yes, it matters a lot. Whenever you buy a gaming chair, first of all, read its label, if a chair is rated for a certain weight it can be the hydraulic or real chair or both.

Should Gaming chair have arms?

We should use armrests because they support our upper limbs and reduce the amount of weight in our lower back when being in a sitting posture. On the other hand we should not use armrests because they cause risk factors such as contraction of the shoulders, contact tension on the forearms and bending postures.

To Conclude

All these measurements are important parts of the gaming chair, especially if you are going to be sitting at it for hours at a time.

A person with a wider frame, for example, will need a bigger measurement and larger overall width.

But a person who is skinny might feel as though the gaming chair is too big and that they can’t relax in it, so they should opt for smaller dimensions.

Because people come in all shapes and sizes, The gaming chairs have made a wide variety of dimensions to suit any body type.

Whether you are tall and lanky, short and plump, or somewhere in between, you should be able to find the best gaming chair that best suits your frame.

Hope this article of our gaming chair size guide has helped you in making your decision easy and providing you a broader perspective to choose the best gaming chair for you.