Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair : Best Comparison & Guide to Choose

If you are looking for a chair for your office and have already chosen another boring office chair which is gonna make your back a painful plank, then stop it. We have something for you. A different type of chair called gaming chair. We will see the comparison of gaming chair vs office chair further in this article and then you can select which one will suit you.

Office chairs may not always look cool, because they’re built for comfort. They’re built for people to sit in all day while they work, office chairs often have a number of adjustments to accommodate different body shapes, back pains and heights. Generally speaking, the primary function of an office chair is to be comfortable first and looks coming second. That’s not to say that office chairs don’t look good — just that their design is generally aimed more at an office friendly like office cubicals, so it may not be as “Good-looking.”

Beside that office chairs lack many places on design as well even they consider the comfort most.There shapes are more like regular like same function for everyone. Even in a 9-5 job your back will start getting ache after 4-5 hrs.

Gaming chairs differ visually from office chairs that we will see in this comparison of gaming chair vs office chair. The design of nearly all gaming chairs is inspired by racing themes or that of popular video games. They are available in various colors with many features build in. Complex adjustability and their clever ergonomic design make them suitable for long gaming sessions.

Gaming chairs are made for gaming enthusiasts and come in different styles from simple rocking chairs, pedestal chairs, racing-style seats to racing simulator chairs.

However Gaming chair vs Office chair can be used alternatively. So further we will see pros and cons in this segment of gaming chair vs office chair.

Benefits of Office Chairs over Gaming Chair

  • Office preferred design.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Design for office punctuality and working suitability.

Points to Be Considered While Choosing the One

A chair doesn’t matter whether it’s Gaming Chair or Office Chair must promise some major features while you go for shopping of it.

Following are few of those-

  • Height adjustment in seat.
  • Depth and pan adjustment of seat.
  • Adjustable Armrest.
  • Backrest tilt.
  • Lumbar Support.

Lets Compare: Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

In this section of Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair, we will give a brief look how both are differ.

Comfort Wise Comparison

You are used to of using office chairs and you know how to use it. It might be the most comfortable one but we will see how it compete with gaming chair in the section of comfort.

In the above section as we can see the effect of sitting on Normal chair, you can’t always keep your body flat on a office chairs. This leads to bending of your body at different angle and finally it will be converted into neck and lower back.

This outcome is removed by gaming chair because most of the gaming chairs put cushions on these two area to create extra support. Here we can see by comparing gaming chair vs office chair the gaming chair uplift the cup.

Adjustability Comparison

Most of the Office Chairs have single adjustability function that is adjusting the height of chair but when we talk about Gaming chairs adjustable function it has 3 types of adjustable mode.

Adjustable Armrest :  Almost all office chair has fixed armrest or even some office chairs remove it. Armrest is very important for keeping your whole hand weight on it other wise after long hours of work it will become numb. Even its a fixed armrest it doesn’t help much because numbness can only be cured by movement and fixed armrest don’t provide movement freedom of arms. That is another difference between gaming chair and office chair

But When we talk about gaming chairs armrest it can be moved in 4 different mode.

1D armrests adjust up and down. 3D armrests can also adjust forwards or backward and side-to-side. 4D armrests can also adjust diagonally. Cheaper gaming chairs tend to have 1D or 2D armrests. More expensive models usually offer 3D or 4D.

Adjustable Backrest : For movement of your back you have to totally depend on the material of the chair what it has been made up of in the case of office chair. It hardly move from 5-7 degree from 90 degree of actual position.

But when we take the case of gaming chair it can be inclined upto 120 degree from 90 degree and even some case 180 degree.

Gaming chairs are able to do it because of its attachable pulley and lever. Its inclination can be set according to the need of hour.

So here we can see in the case of adjustability winner is gaming chair.

Accessories and Extras

Since traditional office chairs don’t have ergonomic features, they don’t come with any accessories. They ship with tools and an assembly manual.

gaming chair acceseries

On the other hand gaming chairs come up with speakers, Bluetooth, AUX and many more.

Again the battle of Gaming Chair vs Office Chair,Gaming chair lifted the cup.

Compare the Fabric Cover

In office chairs fabric is of mostly of same type or minutely different while in gaming chairs they introduce tons of materials for covers. This is again the reason in the comparison of gaming chair vs office chair, early one overshadow the later one.

  • Fabric Cover : It is also called mesh covers and are particularly breathable and quite effective to prevent sweating. When sitting down it always feels pleasantly warm. A disadvantage of mesh or fabric covers is the difficulty of cleaning. Spills must be wiped off immediately and to remove stains a special upholstery cleaner must be used.
  • Synthetic leather : It is also called faux leather and it is usually a Polyurethane plastic therefore also simply called PU leather covers. Synthetic leather covers are easy to clean, spills can simply be wiped off without leaving a stain. Low-quality artificial leather may have a strong smell when new and is often not as breathable as high-quality artificial leather.
  • Genuine Leather : This upholstery gives the chair a noble look and ensures a pleasant sitting climate. Leather covers are able to absorb moisture without feeling wet. Real leather is also very durable and resistant to abrasion. Genuine leather covers push the price of a gaming chair.

Price Wise Comparison

Gaming chairs are more expensive than traditional office chairs. Most popular office chairs sell for less than $150 but only come with 30-day to 6-month warranties. For example, one of the most popular cheap gaming chairs is the Homall Classic. That model costs $159.98. Meanwhile, the popular Best Office Office chair costs $64.99. But while the Homall chair comes with a 1-year warranty, the best office chair only has a 30-day warranty.

Most pro-quality gaming chairs cost $300 to $500 and come with at least a two-year warranty. Some brands like Secretlab and AKRacing offer five-year warranties. Thus, when factoring in the price of the chair, we can also look at how much use you can get out — daily and in the long term.

A gaming chair with a 2-year warranty can cost three times more than a traditional office chair. But gaming chairs support full-time sitting with comfortable, adjustable features. Beyond heavy daily use, you can also count on consistent performance for years.

The most expensive gaming chairs have the thickest and most resilient padding. When you sit full-time, that can make a huge difference.

Buyer's Guide to Select: Gaming Chair Or Office Chair

It doesn’t matter which one you have planned to to buy we have brought you things you should do before buying any of them.

How Long You Stay On Chair?

First of all you have to make estimation that how long you utilize the chair. If you use it for 3-4 hours, both will be work find.

But if you are utilizing it for more than 4 hours you might need to change it into gaming chairs. That is where the comparison of gaming chair vs office chair matter.

Thankfully, several gaming and office chairs come with a reclining feature. This allows you to take a rest in between working sessions, should you need to work for long periods of time.

If you sit all day long, you will start slouching to accommodate the weight of your body. This is also why people who sit for long periods of time (more than four hours at a time) tend to have numerous muscular aches and pains, some of which become chronic over time. Choosing the right chair should be top priority.

Which Design You Should Prefer?

After you’ve decided the purpose of the chair, you can now start thinking  the design of the chair itself. Do you wanna choose a bright-colored racing-style design that shouts awesome? Or do you like a sleek and modern ergonomic office chair that uplift your class and sophistication? The choice comes down to you.

Office chairs often offer more adjustments. They are made either with fabric, mesh, or leather. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, offer more padding, but usually come with a faux leather material only. Ultimately, you can have peace of mind from choosing gaming chair vs office chair comparison.

Your Budget?

Last and not the least,which affect the matter most is the pricing? How much you gonna spend from your pocket in the battle of gaming chair vs office chair.

Gaming chairs will be surely expensive but they are worth the investment. The same can also be said about gaming chairs. One of the most popular gaming chair brands, DXRacer, offers some of the top gaming chairs in the world. There almost all models are worth of trying and each one is unique and according to user need.

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You have seen all types of comparison between gaming chair vs office chair, in all expect gaming chair overcome the office chair except pricing. But isn’t your back pain or neck pain worth of trying something new. At least you can say they deserve it. It’s a long term investment for your healthy body.

We are open for all kind of suggestions. If you find something new please let us know we would love to hear that and after understanding it. We will surely add it in this article.

Till then Game On.