Is Cold Cure Foam Best For Gaming Chairs?

The one of most important yet most underrated factor to consider while buying gaming chair is foam quality. Quality of foam is the biggest factor that makes the chair comfortable. So the answer to this question is a very big ‘YES’.

Cold cure foam is the most expensive foam used in office or gaming chair. It  gives the maximum comfort and is highly durable with lifespan of more than 16 years. The reason why $1000 Ergonomic gaming chair has price tag of $1000 is because of use of the cold cure foam. This foam is special because of its ability to be molded. Molded foam means no matter what you do with the foam it will keep its shape.

Cold Cure Foam is best because it has highest density and highest firmness. Cold molded foam is high density foam with strategically placed air pockets to provide maximum comfort and performance. It remains in its shape throughout its entire life. As the name suggests it is produced without the involvement of heat.  It is considered the heaviest foam material. Thus this foam promises enhanced comfort and durability. It’s density is over 5lbs/ft3. And for firmness it has the highest ILD factor of 50 ILD.

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Foam Density

Foam density is the most important factor. Density is equal to quality which means the higher density the higher is the quality. Higher density foam gives more comfort. Foam density is measured in pounds per cubic feet (lbs/ft3). But remember that any foam between 1.8lbs/ft3 to 2.8lbs/ft3 is called high density foam. However there lies a big difference between them.

  Foam Density
1. Regular 1.8 lbs/ft3
2. High Quality 2.8 lbs/ft3
3. Cold Cure 5+ lbs/ft3

Density of cold cure foam is 5+ lbs/ft3. That’s more than 200% higher density than regular foam and about 100% higher density than high density foam. The only drawback about cold cure foam is that it is very expensive. That’s why it is found in expensive top-tier gaming chairs and office chairs.

Another important feature about high quality foam (2.8 lbs/ft3 and above) is that its lifespan is around 16 years while lifespan of low density foam (1.8 lbs/ft3)  is about 7 years. In short if your budget allows you to go for gaming chair with high density (2.8 lbs/ft3 and above) foam.

Foam Firmness

Foam Firmness is another important factor. Firmness in simple words means softness. Definitely you don’t want very soft foam. Mostly, gaming chairs with thick padding are supposed to be comfortable but they use low grade HD36 foam, because HD36 foam is the cheapest foam. I would recommend avoiding low grade foam and going for high quality foam, with high firmness factor.

How do the measure Firmness? Firmness is measured with a firmness factor called Indentation Load Deflection (or Softness). The more force they need to apply to squeeze the foam, the higher the ILD and hence the firmer the foam. For gaming chairs and office chairs always look for the foam with the highest possible ILD. Basically the firmer the foam the better it is.

  Foam ILD
1. Super Soft Foam 12 ILD
2. HD36 Foam 35 ILD
3. Lux Foam 50 ILD
4. Cold Cure Foam 50+ ILD

Of course, the cold cure foam is the best foam because it has the highest ILd factor. Lux foam firmness is in the range of Cold cure foam. As far as gaming chairs are concerned, foam quality is the most important factor. That’s the reason why it is the most desired foam.

Why to choose Cold Cure Foam?

As mentioned above, the reason why $1000 Ergonomic gaming chair has price tag of $1000 is because of use of cold cure foam.

The reason why this foam is very expensive because:

  • Highest Density (5+ lbs/ft3)
  • Highest Firmness (50 ILD)

It has strategically placed air pockets throughout the cushion to provide prolonged comfort and durability. This type of foam is basically used in expensive gaming and office cards and car seats. Cold cure foam are molded, therefore holding their shape for the entire life of foam. In this foam forget bumps or uneven parts. High density foam can be a alternative for this.

It is highly priced because of its production process. Foaming is a chemical production and most foaming processes use high temperature. However the name suggests the highest quality foam is produced in low-temperature conditions. With this kind of foam in gaming chair your gaming sessions can last for hours.

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If your budget allows than I will recommend you that definitely go with the gaming chair that has Cold Cure Foam in it. Trust me my friend the experience you will get after sitting on that chair will be worth the price. Alternatively you can also go for high quality foam with high firmness. If you want to feel the luxury go with the gaming chair with cold cure foam, it is worth every penny spend on it.

Cold Cure Foam not only provides comfort and durability, it also prevents gamer from back injury. In short if you are looking for comfortable and durable gaming chair, go for high density foam.