Noblechair Vs Secretlab Gaming Chairs : Comparison & Buyers Guide

Here we are expecting a top-tier well-built gaming chairs, with a price range of $400 to $500 having a good brand reputation. The choice comes down to Noblechairs VS Secretlab Gaming Chairs these being the best brands.

Gaming chair has become an essential part of gaming console, it provides an all-round amazing experience to the gamers along with its features used during gaming, it also provides more comfort when compared to a normal chair.

There is no doubt, both Noblechairs HERO and Secretlab TITAN are two of the best gaming chair brands. 

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Which one is Better: Noblechair or Secretlab Gaming Chair?

While they do come with high price tags, they have proved to be worth the investment because they’ll make you feel the comfortable and royal experience.

So big question here is, how do you choose between the two?

Noblechair Vs Secretlab gaming chairs do have quite a lot of similarities. But If you look closely, you will find some differences in terms of design and size that might lead you to choose a better one. 

Here’s an in-depth comparison of the Noblechair Vs Secretlab Gaming Chairs to help you choose a better one and finalize your pick.

Despite their similarities, the chairs have notable differences that everybody buying the Noblechairs or Secretlab chairs should be fully aware of.

Both Noblechairs HERO and Secretlab Titan due to having quite a lot in common  makes it difficult to choose the best one. 

Comfort & Ergonomic Comparison

An ergonomic chair makes us sit the right way in order to protect our spine and helps in maintaining the right posture of the body. Comfort and relief from back pain and wrong body posture are the main cause of why anyone will invest $400-$500 for a chair.

When it comes to Noblechairs vs Secretlab gaming chairs, these chairs are designed in such a sophisticated manner so that one likes its looks, comfort and it will do no harm to the body especially to those sitting for long hours in one go.

But you do the comparison of Noblechair Vs Secretlab gaming chairs, you will find Secretlab TITAN is more comfortable despite the fact that both these chairs are fully ergonomic and take care of your body posture.

When it comes to buying a gaming chair many people think of different features but comfort is the top priority for many of us. For a gamer, gaming chair also plays a major as gaming for long hours requires proper comfort and without a comfortable gaming chair, the gamers may suffer back pain and more posture-related issues, and ignorance of such issue give rise to bigger health issues.

When comparing Noblechairs Hero and Secretlab Titan, you can notice that the overall design of a seat makes it more worthy of buying. Noblechairs Hero stands out because of its 4D armrest with padding for extra comfort with lumbar support. After we examined deeply we found that Noblechairs HERO are more ergonomic while the Secretlab TITAN model is more comfortable.

Seat Material & Durability Comparison

Noblechair hero and secretlab titan best comparison

The Noblechair HERO and the Secretlab TITAN chair come to a variety of seat cover materials, both allowing you to choose from three different options depending on what kind of breathability and comfort of the leather used in chair. The Noblechairs HERO uses PU leather, vinyl-PU hybrid leather, and real leather while the Secretlab TITAN comes with PRIME 2.0 PU leather, NAPA leather, or SoftWeave fabric. 

The Noblechairs HERO is known for its elegant design. It’s only offered in black but you can choose to change the color of the stitching to red, blue, gold, or white.
Whereas the Secretlab TITAN, it has low-key color schemes, they also have a bunch of designs out there for the gamers who want more options. Some of the special edition gaming chairs they have are Game of Thrones, Dark Knight, Overwatch, and Dota 2.

They’re both padded with cold-cured foam to make you feel supported and comfortable. Also, both equipped with built-in adjustable lumbar support and memory foam headrest, giving your back some extra care for long sessions.

Good Breath-ability of Noblechairs HERO

Search Results Web results Noblechairs Hero vs Secretlab Titan: Quick 2020 ComparisonNoblechairs Hero  proved to have better breathability. The little holes in the chair seat make it more breathable, and diamond stitching  on the backrest creates an airflow that dissipates heat from your back.

Size Comparison between the Secretlab Titan & NobleChair

Both Noblechair Vs Secretlab gaming chairs are already quite enormous on its own, meant for the bigger and taller gamers out there. But the Noblechairs HERO actually out does it in terms of size, able to accommodate an even heavier weight load.

The Secretlab TITAN can carry a maximum of 290 lbs but the Noblechairs HERO’s can carry up to 330 lbs. Also, the Secretlab TITAN’s backrest is already tall and wide enough to fit those who are 5’9 to 6’7 but the Noblechairs HERO has an even taller and broader backrest than Secretlab TITAN. The Noblechairs HERO is one of the biggest gaming chairs yet.

High Adjustability Feature

Noblechair HEROBeing the top-tier, expensive gaming chairs that they are, it’s expected from them to have advanced adjustability features, and both the Noblechairs HERO and the Secretlab TITAN delivered so well and are able to justify the cost of the chairs. They have integrated adjustable lumbar support, deeming additional pillows. Lumbar support can be adjusted simply by twisting the dials found on their sides. With this latest technology, you no longer have to bother with the annoyance of pillows sliding off.

To Conclude: NobleChair Hero vs Secretlab Titan

The Noblechair Hero is outperforming due to its capacity and the 4D armrests with padding which give it extra comfort. The load capacity is around 30 kilograms more than the Titan. The lumbar support is also infinitely adjustable which goes in line or is a bit better than the Titan’s new lumbar support technology.

When it comes to the Secretlab Titan, you can see that it is a better chair than the Noblechairs HERO because of its casters (XL) and color option availability. In a way, the Titan grips more to the body of the gamer and looks more like a gaming chair than the Hero model.

All in all, both of these chairs are great in themselves. While the Noblechairs Hero is better at ergonomics and offers adjustable lumbar support, while the Secretlab Titan is more comfortable overall. Titan should work on breathability, it is one of the most required features for intense gamers. Secretlab TITAN could be much better. This is mainly because both of the chairs offer great features for their high price.

If you prefer comfort over breathability, you will find Secretlab as a better brand. If you want a sturdy chair that is breathable and slightly better in terms of weight capacity and ready to pay $500 then, Noblechair is a preferable option.

Both brands are exceptional when it comes to design, quality of materials, and technology, and comfort. So, choosing either of them will give you a premium gaming chair.
I hope that this Noblechair Vs Secretlab gaming chairs review helped you see the main differences between these two renowned brands, and helped you to find your best gaming chair.