PewDiePie Gaming Chair Review: Throttle Series Clutch Chairz

The PewDiePie gaming chair is designed by the Swedish legend, the famous Utuber PewDiePie himself. As an old and most famous YouTuber with the highest-earning. PewDiePie knew exactly what features are required for his chair in order to be strong, steady, reliable, and can with the high weight capacity.

So, after that PewDiePie contracted with Clutch Chairz and concluded his ideas, they began building one of the most anticipated gaming chairs ever. 

In Celebration of Pewdiepie hitting 100 million subscribers on Youtube, Clutch Chairz has developed a LED chair with a limited edition gold 100M stitching. 

Clutch gaming chairs are built with high-density foam that offers the right blend of softness and support. Dura-soft leather used looks & feels like real leather but also wears well and is easy to clean. Large ergonomic lumbar cushion puts your spine in perfect alignment for a long time. Every Clutch chair ensures you get a beautifully finished product with extreme features that will last for years.

Why you need a PewDiePie Clutch Gaming Chair?

Well, most gamers, streamers, and almost everybody from computer professionals to the gamer, these days are complaining about how their back hurts after a long day.
The price of the ClutchChairz Throttle Series PewDiePie gaming chair is quite expensive but, you will be getting quite possibly the best chair on the market.

The fact that PewDiePie uses it makes the chair even more popular and this model can easily cater to your needs and keep you comfortable. Let’s begin with some features of it and then I will share my own personal experience and reviews about the chair.

Key Features Of The PewDiePie Gaming Chair

No doubt, the Pewdiepie gaming chair looks impressive, and yeah we can brag about it to our friends and mention how stunning it looks, but other important question is, how strong and reliable is it?

PewDiePie knew exactly what features a chair should have in order to be strong, steady, reliable. There are many features that you will like about this gaming chair are :

Backrest : The back of the chair fits your back almost perfectly. It can recline pretty much flat and supports your back pretty well. It is a smooth process without any grinding or popping when switching positions.

Seat : The Pewdiepie gaming chair has a relatively wide seat which goes higher and lower than most of the other chairs and suitable for people with different heights. Everything is controlled from the bottom, where you will find a knob that adjusts the rocking tension, you can adjust the seat height as well.

Rocking mechanism : There is a rocking mechanism with tension adjustment with lock. You can stop if from rocking or lock it in multiple titled positions as per your need. All of this helps your spine get comfortable and gives you pain relief while sitting for long.

PewDiePie Gaming Chair is Highly Ergonomic & Comfortable

pewdiepie clutch gaming chair

Lumbar support : There is a very large lumbar pillow as compared to other chairs, the pillow uses elastic straps that wrap around the back of this pewdiepie throttle chair as most gaming chairs do.

Headrest : The standard size headrest clips through holes in the back of the chair with elastic straps. Both pillows are manufactured with memory foam which is good but not that much supportive. Still, things can be improved.

Knowing that support is a big feature in every gaming chair, The lumbar pillow goes flat as soon as you scoot back to try and get support and this defeats the entire purpose of support.

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Perfect Height Adjustment and Tilt Lock

clutch chairz pewdiepie

Tilt Lock: If you spent many hours keep sitting, then you must be aware of lots of tension on your neck, shoulders, and back. The PewDiePie gaming chair, let you adjust the tilt of the chair in order to relieve pressure, because of the wide base it provides extra stability within your movements while it’s being tilted.

Height Adjustment: The height of this pewdiepie throttle chair can also be adjusted to your own preferable specifications as a chair which is powered by a class 4 gas lift which can hold up to 150kg or 330lbs.

4D Arm Support, Heavy Duty Base of this Clutch Chair

pewdiepie gaming chair 100m

Armrests : The 4D armrests on the PewDiePie gaming chair Throttle Series can be adjusted and moved in all directions. Padded armrest prevents you from any pain and provides you a smooth and comfy experience. Your elbows will like this padding and feel softer.

But, the armrest of the PewDiePie throttle chair is one of the most convenient and durable than other chairs. The PewDiePie gaming chair can be adjusted in four different positions easily.

Assembling The PewDiePie Chair Throttle Series

When I got the package of the Pewdiepie throttle chair. I felt like I was getting a good quality chair right when I saw the box. All elements packed so well. The packaging for this chair is good. When I start assembling this model, I found that the process is fairly straightforward and easy and less time consuming for this ClutchChairz Pewdiepie gaming chair did not disappoint me.

The small packages with bolts and the alien tool are inside the box, with a couple of extra bolts. The bolts for the tilting mechanism were pre-installed in the bottom of the chair, to make the assembling easy for you, even if you are a beginner.

All in all, the instruction manual is printed very nicely and provides you assembling process precise and simple way, that helped you in hassle-free assembling. You should not have any questions from the moment you start assembling the ClutchChairz PewDiePie Throttle Chair.

The entire booklet is well written and quite easy to understand, descriptive, and comes with a lot of details on the assembly process. It took me around half an hour to assemble the chair easily.

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The Final Verdict

If money is not among the concerned factors, we recommend you to go for PewDiePie gaming chair. If you are a fan of Pewdiepie, you can sit on the same chair that is used by your hero. Overall, the Chair is good but could be much better.

If they add a button to move the armrests back and forward, like the foam quality, the build of the chair, and the nice above-standard features.

Secondly, Rather than the cheap plastic bolt covers and their red accents they can use better quality material – I think they are really unnecessary. ClutchChairz wanted to make a premium gaming chair and they considered them in the first place.

Even though the ClutchChairz Throttle Series PewDiePie gaming chairs is a premium chair, I’d say it comes at an affordable price. Considering the back support which is so important, and a lifetime guarantee and classic look.