Secretlab Titan Vs Omega :Compare & Choose the Best Chair

If you are looking for Secretlab chair and bit confused to choose among different series. Take a deep dive of  Secretlab Titan Vs Omega. 

All Secretlab gaming chair fits your personal posture and body size and allows you to sit both comfortably and they are ergonomic chairs that means you can also have this chair in working space and can sit comfortably for long hours. It allows for better blood  flow to your lower body and relieves your joints and muscles especially in your lower back and neck area and maintains right posture throughout the body.

Secretlab chairs adapt to the needs of the user, rather than the user having to adjust according to the chair. They are extremely comfortable and support good posture with exceptional features among all other chairs. 

Do you know, the most prestigious esports tournaments in the world choose Secretlab?

Secretlab is the preferred chair for many of the world’s top esports team players. Some use Omega gaming chairs, others use Titans. Let’s compare the two, if you’re going to spend a lot of money on a gaming chair, you want to make sure you’re getting the best product.

Secretlab Omega comes under the Budget Gaming Chairs Segment, hence little cost effective as compared to Titan.

Secretlab chairs are stress-tested and approved by professional gamers, who demand the best because they spend up to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week seated in front of computers keep gaming. Secretlab’s unparalleled quality ensures comfort and equipped with the best features when training and competing on the world stage.

Both the Secretlab Omega or Titan chairs share some common features:

Functionality: Each comes with 4D armrests, multifunction tilt-lock, and backrest recline from 85° to 165°.

Padding: All Secretlab chairs use our signature high-density, cold-cured foam that generally preferred by automobile and theatre seats that provide well-placed pockets of air to cushion and absorb pressure off

Style : Secretlab chairs come in dozens of styles, but there are only three models.The Omega is a slim-fitting chair, the Titan a large one, and the Titan XL is super-sized.

We figured out a quick comparison post to go over the main differences between Secretlab Titan Vs omega chairs in order to help those of you who are on the way to make their correct choice.

Secretlab Omega or Titan ?

When deciding between a Secretlab Omega or Titan, it’s important to focus on some key differences.This Secretlab Titan vs Omega comparison guide compares and contrasts the two chairs.

Before getting into the differences, let’s focus on some similarities between the Omega and Secretlab Titan.Last year, both enjoyed upgrades into 2020 Series with extended to 5-year warranty.

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Secretlab Titan Vs Omega: Comparison

Secretlab titan vs omega

For an uncompromising experience that lasts for endless hours, this award-winning secretlab’s titan chair is unquestionably the gold standard you need. On the other hand, Secretlab Titan is a well-made gaming chair, with dense thick foam padding, thick faux leather, and an adjustable lumbar support for hours of comfortable gameplay without getting tired.

Size Comparison of Omega & Titan Chair

Size: If we look at the size, the Secretlab Titan gaming chair is larger than the Omega. It has wider, taller dimensions plus a high weight capacity. The Titan has a deeper seat and larger backrest compared to omega.

The most striking difference between the two gaming chair’s size is the space between the armrests. The Titan offers a little more roomy space 26″ to 29.1″ range whereas, the Omega has a more narrow range of 24.4″ to 27.6″.

It’s mainly because of the armrest space that Omega chairs are best for slim figures. Those with wide hips or thick legs may find the space between the armrests too snug.

Wider seat: The Secretlab Omega chair differs with a classic bladed edge racing style seat. In contrast, the Titan has a flat, wide seat. Those seat differences allow for different sitting styles. The Omega seat’s rigid edges keep the user’s legs pressed together or come closer.Whereas, Titan seats are wide and flat and give more room for legs to move, or even sit cross-legged.

Secretlab Omega or Titan: Which is more Comfortable?

secretlab titan gaming chairLumber Support Style: The third key difference between the Omega and Titan is the lumbar support style. The two chairs each come with a memory foam best head pillow, but only the Omega has an adjustable lumbar support cushion.

Instead of a lumbar cushion, the Titan chair uses an internal support system, turning a knob on the side of the chair will increase or decrease the depth of the support. The Omega’s adjustable lumbar support cushion is height but not depth adjustable.

In the Titan gaming chair, the lumbar support only controls depth, not height. Lack of height adjustment on the Titan might be a problem if it doesn’t fit perfectly into the curve of your back. The upside of the Titan lumbar system is that it doesn’t move around as the lumbar pillow does. Once you set it to your preference, then, you can lock it in place.

Titan vs Omega: Cost Comparison?

Omega is cheaper: If we consider the price, Secretlab Titan vs Omega, Titan chairs are a little more expensive than Omega. For getting secret lab omega you have to lose fewer bugs that for Titan chair. The costs aren’t much different, but the Omega does come in at a bit lower price. You can get the Omega for $329, while the Titan will cost you $70 more at $399.

Which One You Should Buy Now?

Depends on you, If posture support is your priority, choose the Omega. The ridged seat edges give your legs less room to move. Legs together with feet planted on the floor help the chair to absorb the body’s weight so the spine doesn’t have to and supports the right posture.

If comfort is your higher priority, then choose the Secretlab Titan. The flat seat gives your legs plenty of room to move and you can sit as you want. In fact, no matter what position you sit in, the Titan is insanely comfortable.

The compact Omega gaming chair best for small size or average gamers. The Titan fits for larger bodies gamers. But for average sizes, the Titan and Omega are feasible options.If you have poor posture or sloppy sitting habits, you’ll need more discipline when sitting in a Titan gaming chair.

Both the Titan and Omega share several pro ergonomic features. Those include backward and forward recline, 4D armrests, and a multifunction tilt mechanism.Each chair also comes in 24 different style variations with an option for an extended 5-year warranty.

Secretlab Titan Vs Omega, differences between the two Secretlab chairs:

Chair sizes: the Omega has smaller dimensions and less wide than the Titan.

Seat styles: the Omega seat has ridges edges, while the Titan’s seat is wide and flat.

Lumbar support: the Omega uses a traditional lumbar pillow.The Titan uses an internal support system.

Price: Omega chairs are cheaper than Titan chairs.Average sizes have the luxury of choosing either of these excellent gaming chairs.

Which Gaming Chair Worth its cost?

It definitely isn’t the cheapest gaming chair around, but its other quality rivals that of chairs we’ve tested that cost well over $400. If you’re looking to treat your butt with a chair that functions just as amazingly as it looks with high ended features , the Secretlab Omega is worth your every penny.

In terms of price, Secretlab Titan Vs Omega. You’re getting a very good quality chair with extreme features and classic style. Titan seems to be the most recommended chair of secretlab in the market. As you pointed out though, even a 2nd hand one will likely set you back more than a brand new Omega.

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Secretlab titan vs omega : Meant for different users

Both the secretlab titan vs omega are valuable classic gaming chairs. They use one of the best designs with some of the most proven features such as the reclining ability. But they are actually made for different size users.

The main difference with the chairs comes with the gamer who is actually going to use them. 

Since the Titan suits gamers of up to 200cm in height, it is the recommended choice for tall or overweight gamers with its extra high backrest and higher weight capacity. 

Secretlab does recommend the Omega chair for users that are no taller than 5’9″, and that are a maximum weight of 240 lbs. Their recommended maximum weight for users in this chair is only 175 lbs.

The omega one was produced before titan. The omega was made good features but some people with long heights find them uncomfortable to sit because of it’s small size, the the titan was produces with large seat capacity and with new and advanced lumbar support technology. 

There’s no doubt that both the Secretlab TITAN and the OMEGA, designed with nearly identical features and are comfortable and adjustable gaming chairs. Hopefully our Secretlab Titan vs Omega Comparison guide helped you in choosing the best chair according to your needs.