Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000 : Comparison & Best Reviews

vertagear sl2000 reviewVertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000 are some best chairs for comparision of gaming chairs. Vertagear is a California-based upcoming company that focuses on delivering the best gaming chairs all over the world.

Vertagear brand launched two series: Racing and Gaming. In Racing collection you can choose from the top three that are Vertagear SL2000, SL4000, SL5000 after launching everyone compaire Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000.

When it comes to comfort and long sitting you should choose what fits you best. Here we are going to check out if the Vertagear gaming chair is worth buying and competent to provide long lasting comfort throughout sitting.

Though Vertagear has a few gaming chairs, every chair is special in itself. We are focusing on their most popular SL series chairs, going from SL2000 review and comparing it to SL4000 edition and the latest SL5000 gaming chair, complete comparison for Vertagear gaming chair.

If we do a comparison of SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000. You will see quality material in all three are a bit similar but slightly differ in dimensions, differ quite a bit from the SL2000 model up to the SL5000 model.

The comparison between vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000 model a case study is required. Each vertagear gaming is designed such sophisticatedly and perfecty in itself.

We’ll move further to tell you which is the best Vertagear chair. For everybody who doesn’t have much time to go through Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000 comparisons, we are providing a quick review for the same.

Vertagear gaming chairs are manufactured with advanced mechanism mainly focuses on top-notch functionality, perfect ergonomics, an elite design, and incredibly supportive comfort.

Here are vertagear gaming chair reviews, please have a look.

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Reinforced Heavy Duty Aluminum base Reinforced Heavy Duty Aluminum base Vertagear SL 2000 Gaming Chair
  • Detail:2D Armrests
  • Detail:Steel
  • Detail:High Density Foam
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Heavy Duty Aluminum base. Heavy Duty Aluminum base. Vertagear SL4000 Gaming Chair Review
  • Detail:4D Armrests
  • Detail:Faux, Steel
  • Detail:High Density Foam
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Automatic Locking Casters Automatic Locking Casters Vertagear SL5000 Gaming Chair
  • Detail:4D Armrests
  • Detail:Leather, Steel
  • Detail:High Density Foam
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vertagear chair review

Key Features of Vertagear SL2000

Vertagear S-Line SL2000 is a perfectly supportive and comfy gaming chair determined and designed to keep gamers in mind according to their health.

Vertagear SL2000 gaming chair is designed in a way to offer extreme adjustability for best support and comfort in  every position for having wonderful gaming experience throughout.

The type of seating designed and crafted with modern engineering having more neck, shoulder and back support. 

This is the ultra-premium constructed chair to offer maximum comfort with tech features, designed specifically for pro and passionate gamers, beginners and even enthusiasts. Its budget-friendly cost and sleek looks make you fall in love with this gaming chair.

Along with incredible looks Vertagear S-Line SL2000 stand out but the use of the highest quality materials is a pro feature. The gaming chair is fully covered with the utmost quality and different colored PVC leather to make it more breathable.

High-quality PUC synthetic faux-leather is comparatively durable as well as provides SL2000 super deluxe looks.The fabric used in the chair is open-cell which caused easy ventilation that keeps the user stays cool, comfortable, and fresh.

From solid steel frame, high-density foam to solid and smooth-rolling castors, Vertagear SL2000 is a complete package for a gamer.

Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000 Comparison

Key Features of Vertagear SL4000

Vertagear SL4000 Is an attractive, ergonomic gaming chair with an average design suitable for gaming or any home office.The high-density foam makes It more resilient than most chairs and will last far longer without becoming hard and compressed.

Its strong steel frame provides enhanced structural support and makes sure you’re not going to break it even after so long, the base is also reinforced. This allows the SL4000 to support heavier and taller users.

It has a weight limit up to 330lbs, which is nearly 10% more than even the most heavy-duty gaming chairs in the market. Neck and lumbar cushions are also included, this model also has fully articulating 4D armrests that can move in, out, up, down, and rotate.

The seat angle can be changed and locked into one of five positions, and with a reclined angle of 140°, you can almost lie completely flat and get relaxed.It’s upholstered with PVC faux leather, so it’s easy to clean and water-resistant and breathable enough.

There are two cutoffs in the upper backrest which are designed to improve airflow and keep you cool while you work. Because the backrest itself is a bit wider than other gaming chairs, it’s suitable for taller users too.

The Vertagear SL4000 is a relatively inexpensive gaming chair that fits for almost everyone, but much preferable for short gamers. If you’re looking for a high-quality gaming or office chair, this is one of the best.

vertagear sl5000 review

Key Features of Vertagear SL5000

Many gaming chairs don’t fit the racing-style seat, but the SL5000 takes it one step further. The arms, backrest, and seat almost envelop the user, keeping you in place and spreading your weight throughout your body instead of putting it all on your lower back.

The colors are more muted gives the chair a classy, almost expensive appearance. It looks like it costs more than it is. This chair comes with premium foam and high padding and a reinforced steel frame to ensure you’re comfortable and stable at all times.

You can tilt the seat or recline as you want – between 80 and 140°. With five lockable positions to choose from. These can be removed entirely if the gamer wishes to remove it but are advised to use them.

Have good vented designs, so it’s nice to see twin cutouts in the backrest. The colored stripes are also breathable so that you can remain cool even in the hottest environment and keep you cool.

The SL5000 comes with several advanced features, including 4D armrests, and automatic locking casters. They lock-up whenever you sit down, so you’ll never roll away from your desk without your willingness.

Because of the sturdy base, this chair can support up to 330lbs of weight and enough durable. Most website says it has a weight limit of 260lb, the actual specification sheet says 330lb. It is a perfect chair for you if you are tall and have heavy weight.

Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 Comparison

The SL4000 have all the important features similar to the SL2000, such as the high-density foam, heavy-duty aluminum base, and “slide-in” design. But differences between the SL2000 and SL4000 are…

  • SL4000 is shorter and slimmer than SL2000,  the Vertagear SL4000 a perfect chair for short guys with weight upto 210 lbs.

  • If you see the dimensions of both chair, you will find 2 inch difference in overall height. The minimum height of the SL2000 is 49.2 inches while that of SL4000 is 47.2.
  • Also there is a 0.6-inch difference in shoulder width. SL2000 is bit broader then SL4000.
  • SL4000 has 4D armrests but SL2000 has 2D armrest.
  • Vertagare is a perfect gaming chair for shorter people.

Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000 Comparison

Vertagear want to  create a bigger chair with the 4D-armrest, that’s the Vertagear SL5000 was born, rest basic features are similar to SL4000.

Basic reason behing that gamer are liking SL4000 with 4d armrest but want bigger chair for tall people with height 6 foot.

When comparing the Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000, you will notice that SL5000 picked up on the best characteristics of the previous chairs and was designed to be a perfect gaming chair for both normal and tall gamers with weight upto 260 lbs.

Common Features Of Vertager Gaming Chairs

 1.Classic designed, Quality Material and Comfort padding

The design of Vertagear chairs is very elegant and ergonomic. Vertagear chairs are made of high-quality PCV leather, which is breathable and prevents over sweating. High-density padding makes it more comfortable.

2.Steel Frame and solid reinforced 5-star base 

Vertagear gaming chairs are constructed with a steel frame with high-density resilience foam. Designed for long gaming sessions to provide more comfort and a steel frame make it more durable.

Vertagear gaming chairs use a reinforced 5-star base which is much stable than 1 or 2-star base, to make it more comfortable for napping also.

3.Adjustable back and  height with tilt locking feature

All Vertagear gaming chairs come with adjustable backrest features. You can adjust the tilt tension. Also, each Vertagear chair has adjustable chair height to get the right comfortable posture.

4. Extra Cushion for lumber and back support

Vertagear Gaming Chair like all professional gaming chairs offers extra cushioning for lumbar and neck support, required mainly for long hour sitting.

Vertagear chairs are the best gaming chair, they also designed chairs for the different physiques of gamers, and the quality of these chairs has no comparison. Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000 Comparison make one thing clear that all Vertagear chairs are designed to fulfill gamers’ expectations.

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So, Which One is Your Vertagear Gaming Chair?

You have gone through Vertagear SL2000 vs SL4000 vs SL5000 comparison and also Vertagear gaming chair reviews. Now we hope if you are a passionate gamer who wants a high durable quality gaming chair with all high-end comfort features, then Vertager gaming chairs are best suitable for you.

Now you can find which one is the best? Which one is perfect for your body type?

You can choose the chair by considering your height to get the suitable one. Classic range of Vertagear gaming chairs are unique and perfect itself to offer luxury comfort.

So, we hope that you will find our vertagear SL2000 Vs SL4000 Vs SL5000 comparision helpful for you.