Leather vs Fabric Gaming Chair ? Choose the Best Material for your Chair

While being a gamer you have to face so many problems like sore necks, bloodshot eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sometimes-hilarious inability to get up from your chair. So keeping all these things in mind it is very important to choose a best material or fabric for gaming chair. 

But then you will think how can i choose that which is the best material for gaming chairs because you don’t know much about the materials used in the gaming chairs.

Out of so many options available in the market it is difficult to choose that which is the best material for gaming chairs. It may be because you don’t have the proper knowledge of all the upholstery available in the market.You dont even know this that even there are different types of leather used in making of gaming chairs.

In this article, we are going to look every upholstery in brief and see their features so that we can easily understand what are their benefits and disadvantages so that we don’t waste our money on those gaming chairs which are not made up of good fabrics.

There are 3 different types of materials used in gaming chairs i.e. made up from three different types of leather – Nappa leather, Faux Leather and  Fabric.

Now we will discuss them one by one in detail.

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Nappa Leather

Best upholstery for gaming chairs

Nappa leather is the most expensive upholstery for gaming chairs. The gaming chairs made up of nappa leather are luxurious because of the nappa leather nature in itself. Nappa leather is a geniune cowhide leather. 

Nappa leather is the most expensive option available for the gaming chairs and it is more breathable.This means that Nappa Leather upholstery is best for gaming chair and often more cooling to sit on for long periods when compared to Faux Leather.

Faux Leather for Gaming Chair

Best upholstery for gaming chairs

Faux leather is the artificial leather but has similar looks as real leather. It is less expensive than the nappa leather. Those who don’t want to spend more amount in purchasing the best upholstery for gaming chair. They can go for this option as it has similar looks as the original leather and those who don’t have much experience of leathers can’t easily tell that it is artificial leather.

Faux leather comes in two varieties:

1) PVC leather
2) PU leather

PVC Leather vs PU Leather

There is a huge difference between these 2 types of leather especially when you are choosing your gaming chair based on this single parameter.

PVC Leather for Gaming Chairs

Best upholstery for gaming chairs

PU Leather for Gaming Chair

Best upholstery for gaming chairs

Cotton/Polyester/Linen Fabric For Gaming Chair

fabric ac best upholstery for gaming chairs

The fabric from which best upholstery for gaming chairs are made up of cotton, polyester, linen or mesh. It is generally very affordable because fabric reduced the manufacturing  costs for the company so they are not highly priced. If you have a low budget for buying the gaming chairs then fabric gaming chairs can be the best  option for you and there are lots of fabric gaming chairs available in the market. 

Fabric chairs are more breathable as they requires little maintenance as it is allows small openings throughout the material. Air will go in and out and sitting in a fabric seat will feel far cooler. Fabric chairs are pretty durable but it depends upon the type of fabric which you purchase. Every type of fabric has different durability.

The tighter the weave and stronger the fabric, the more likely your chair will last a long time and be able to withstand some beatings. Many companies now even offer premium weaves that are guaranteed to last longer than certain full leather products.

A Quick Help To Choose the Best Material for Gaming Chair

Till now you have got a basic idea of best upholstery for gaming chairs. In the above paragraphs, all the details of the best upholstery for gaming chairs are mentioned so it will become easy for you to choose according to your budget and need.

But before making the final decision go through these points clearly. These points will clear the basic confusions in your mind and help you to choose the best upholstery for gaming chairs.

Price: Be clear about what is the amount that you want to spend on the purchase of your gaming chair. Even there are plenty of gaming chairs available under 300.

Time: Choose the product according to the time you spend on the gaming because if you don’t play regularly than you don’t have to spend a huge amount for gaming chairs. But if you are a regular player and spend most of your time on gaming than you must look for the best upholstery for your gaming chairs.

Habits: Choose according to your habits because if you are someone who has a habit of eating, drinking while sitting on your gaming chairs then it is very important for you to choose the upholstery accordingly. Because not every upholstery is stainless. Choose which one is easy to clean and that you can know by reading the above description.

Sweat: If you are someone who has a problem of excessive sweating then you must go for a fabric chair because fabric chair is best in soaking sweats and you will not feel clammy.

Quality: Don’t get confused with the quality and price because its not necessary that one Nappa leather has good quality in gaming chairs they are good for those who want to have luxurious feelings in their gaming chairs others also have the best material for gaming chairs. There are many leather gaming chairs available in the market these days.

Colour: Sometimes, Colour may be the prime choice to choose your ideal gaming chair. My favourite is a purple coloured chair or RGB Gaming Chairs.

So get the one after going through all these points. If I have to make a choice about best upholstery for gaming chairs I would have chosen it according to my personal needs, budget, habit, problem by keeping in my mind all these things.

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FAQ's About Best Material For Chair

What is better for a chair leather or fabric?

If you suffer from any type of allergy, then fabrics tend to absorb more allergens, which means leather is the best option for you. On the other hand if you are more concerned about the confidence of staying in your chair, the fabric may be a safer option due to the texture.

Is leather good for gaming chair?

Genuine leather will give you an excellent look to your gaming chair along with being more durable than PU leather. Even if you take care of it properly, the original leather can last up to 10 years.

Is leather or fabric recliner better?

The leather chairs that rise and bend are extremely durable compared to their fabric counterparts. As it ages, the leather gives a worn-out look, which adds more character to the chair. On the other hand, the cloth chairs are durable but also more prone to deterioration.

What fabric is used on gaming chairs?

As we have seen, most of the gaming chairs come upholstered in PU leather. The fabric options use synthetic polyester instead. Tied to a gaming chair, this material does not stretch, wrinkle or lose its shape in any way.

What is the best material for a gaming chair?

One of the most common materials found to make gaming chairs is the cloth found in most office chairs because cloth chairs breathe more than leather and imitators, which means less sweat and retaining heat.

To Conclude

So, I hope with the help of this article you can easily understand about best upholstery for gaming chairs. So that you can choose the best upholstery/material for gaming chairs. 

I hope by reading this article no confusion will arise in your mind while deciding. So decide the best upholstery easily with the help of this article . 

I have highlighted all the important in the form of article list you can take a better look in order to understand their pros and cons which will be good for you to decide.

So go and get the Best Gaming Chair.