Best Gaming Chair Base : Nylon Legs VS Steel Legs?

gaming chair baseStrongness and durability of the chair depend on various factors, one of those most important one is that it has the best gaming chair base. A strong base is a clear indicator for chair quality.

Strong gaming chair base can help you to choose your best gaming chair.

When you have to sit for a long time with desktop either for gaming or working,  you all will need the most comfortable ergonomically designed gaming chair.

Therefore an ergonomic chair must be on the top of your to-do list to avoid injury to your spine, to have a comfortable experience. A  gaming chair  with heavy duty computer chair base might even give you a leg up on the competition and make you more energetic.

How can you decide if a certain chair is good, or just an expensive one?

Each body type is different and an ideal workplace chair moves according to your weight. Imagine a chair base that is incapable of supporting your weight and make noise, damage your floor or do not glide, will it be comfortable for you?

There are certain details to look out for the same. The chair’s features, cost, and warranty and after-sales service are important. However, the quality of the chair base is equally important.

Because of all your weight during sitting is held by the base so it must be so strong and heavy duty. Heavy duty computer chair base are more effective than nylon base. 

Strongness of the base depends on its material used. Most of the trending chairs available in the market have steel legs or nylon leg base.

Showing below in detail which is the best gaming chair base.

nylon base gaming chair

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Obviously, the worst kind of base is Nylon legs. As per the market trends more than 50% of gaming chairs have a plastic/nylon base. Because it’s the cheapest metarial but to be honest it is not durable one.

If this kind of chair used by heavy weight gamer or user, it will not be suitable enough.

Gaming Chair Base With Steel legs

gaming wheel chair sturdy base

The steel legs base chair is much better compared to that of plastic base chair. It is both strong and non-fragile, it has a metallic look .The chair with such heavy duty computer chair base are much stronger than the nylon/plastic leg base chair.

Steel has a density of 7.8 g/cm3 so base alone can add up to 20 pounds to the total weight of the chair. So to move  such a very heavy gaming chair is bit challenging.

Effect of Best Gaming Chair Base On its Cost

  • You can have a chair with Plastic/Nylon base in just $100.
  • If you want chair with Steel/Metal base, you have to invest $150-$200 to get a better heavy base chairs.
  • If you want your chair with strongest aluminium base, you have to loose upto $500

Aluminium and Graphite Heavy Duty Computer Base Chair

Aluminium Base :The best base is an aluminum base for a gaming chair. Aluminum is so light, strong, non-fragile also looks great, make the chair strong and durable.

The aluminum base is the best base you can have on your gaming chair, but you have to pay bit much around $500 , for such quality chair.
The best example of an aluminum base gaming chair is noblechairs ICON.

Graphite Base : Graphite base is also one of the strongest and lightest gaming chair base but, the chairs having that are too expensive. If you want a chair with  graphite base, you have to invest $1000+.

Few Considerations Along With Best Gaming Chair Base

In the above section we have talked much about best gaming chair base but when you decided to buy a chair, you have to consider a few more important element to reach the decision which are as follows.

STRONG FRAME: The most important thing is durability. If a chair is just made out of hard plastic or nylon, it might not be able to support a gamer’s weight for several years or heavily weighted gamer for long. Good gaming chairs are constructed with a steel or heavy metal framework throughout.

SEAT: The seat is the heart of a chair. Although comfort is the prime function of any chair seat whether it is used for gaming purposes or for office work. Good gaming chairs will always have a perfect breathable and smooth cover.

Adjustable seat with depth and height, depth adjustment is important because it provides support to the legs and its muscles by adjusting the depth of the chair to suit your legs.

ADJUSTABLE ARMREST :Tilt feature, Armrest, backrest, extra cushioning for more comfort. The arms of a chair play an equally important role as the back because they are used on a regular basis.

Modern chairs come with adjustable armrests and are made of premium quality foam and padded tops for extra comfort and convenience.

FLAWLESS COVER MATERIAL :The fabric used must be of good quality choice because of the way it feels against your skin and the availability of cushion options for support. Fabric also ensures that you don’t feel unbearably hot while seated on it for long.

Look at real leather upholstery. Both durable and noble-looking, real leather is the highest quality upholstery for gaming chairs.

More than the material itself, the foam present in leather chairs is responsible for the comfort offered. So good quality stuffing is also essential to keep the chair seat in the right shape.

MESH : Mesh is ergonomic in material and porous in nature, It allows air circulation and is a breathable alternative to conventional seat upholsteries.

Nevertheless, while purchasing a mesh chair one needs to keep in mind the quality of mesh-like 8Z Pellicle mesh which is used among the best quality mesh available. It is soft and supportive and holds its shape really well.

Now the modern chairs are coming with footrest, massagers, speakers with subwoofers, and complete 4d adjustability to enhance your sitting and gaming experience.

And if these chairs are strong enough with a  best gaming chair base then they are really worth it. After one time investment in such a high featured chair, you will definitely enjoy gaming or sitting  beyond expectation.

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Heavy Duty Computer Chair Base: Choice is Yours!

So, if you want to have a good gaming chair with an average budget chair with steel legs base will be a much good option for you. The chair with a plastic base is also good but they are less durable.

If budget is not the concern for you, you just want a strong classic gaming chair, then you can go for an aluminium or graphite base gaming chair.

If you are the buyer with a medium budget range, and expecting a good durable chair with enough strongness, steel heavy duty computer chair base is best for you.

Rest depends on your choice whether want a heavy-duty computer base chair or a nylon base chair, but will definitely wish to get chair with best gaming chair base.

Though there are some good options of gaming chair with the good design having nylon legs under $100, trust us if you invest little more, you can have the best gaming chair with  best gaming chair base. Steel base are much durable and strong then that of a nylon chair base.

So, that was our review on which is the best gaming chair base and we wish that it will clear your confusion and help you in getting your gaming chair.

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